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PIKPA building is open!

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Dear friends,
we proudly announce the opening of the PIKPA building on Lakki. It could not have been done without your precious help. More than us, the refugees are very thankful and happy to have a place after a brutal journey through Turkey and the Aegean sea. A place were they can feel safe and be treated with humanity. The building is now equipped with 100 beds, 10 bathrooms, heating and a storage room full of clothing and hygiene kits. This is a big step in our difficult yet rewarding work we like to call solidarity!
So a big thank you to all people who helped in any way. There is no small way of helping. From the people who donated money to the lovely girls in our storage room that endlessly arrange clothes to the guys who assembled the beds. Also a big thank you to all the crews that worked hard to renovate the place just in time to avoid big rains and extreme cold!

lsnadminPIKPA building is open!

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