Welcome to the website of the Leros Solidarity Network. 

Who we are

The Leros Solidarity Network is open to all those who are inspired by the idea of active and collective solidarity, at a time of economic, social, moral and political crisis.

The people who created the Leros Solidarity Network in 2012 come from diverse political and social backgrounds, as well as different age groups. However, all of us believe in social solidarity, mutual aid and the promotion of social availability as a means of resistance to the ever escalating brutality, manifested daily on many different levels.

Our actions are addressed towards the thousands of refugees who arrive at our island distressed, persecuted by war and violence, but also towards our fellow citizens, who are being tested more and more in these trying times. In this context, we mobilize ourselves almost daily, in order to directly provide the necessary items of clothing, footwear, personal hygiene, medicine, drinking water, etc. to the refugees, for whom there is no infrastructure, but instead only the utter indifference of the state.

Furthermore, we seek collective ways of response to the crisis, especially with regards to the weakest members of our society. That is why we host a Give-Away & Exchange Bazaar every Saturday in the Network’s premises in Platanos, with clothes, shoes, toys, food, etc. Also, we try to cover, to the best of our ability, other urgent needs of the citizens, by utilizing human resources and by helping one another. At the same time, we stand in solidarity with every action aimed at protecting human rights.

We invite you to join us in this fight. All of us are integral in the struggle to prevent the disintegration of the social fabric and the fragmentation of society, the struggle against solitude and despair.


Indicatively for 2014:

1) In various manners, we assisted and cared for approximately 3,000 refugees who passed through our island.

2) With the help of our volunteers, we distributed through our weekly bazaar, to hundreds of families of our fellow citizens, clothes, shoes, food, toys, two hundred boxes of baby milk, school notebooks, and 1,000 kilos of apples.

3) We carried out three missions to the prisons of Kos, where there are huge shortages in clothes, shoes, medicine, personal hygiene supplies, etc.

4) We collected and sent out to the victims of the war in Gaza two crates of essential medicines and medical supplies.